Eternal Judgement
Character Stats Framework.

  • full name: Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
  • nickname: Yamada, Judgey (only by Marisa)
  • age: Unknown, but pretty damn long
  • birth date: None
  • ethnicity: Japanese
  • gender: Female
  • preferred pronouns: She/her
  • sexual orientation: Unseen
  • religion: Major Buddhist figure
  • occupation: Yama Over All Japan
  • status: Busy
  • fandom: Touhou
  • face claim: Eiki Shiki
  • parents: None
  • siblings: None
  • significant other: None
  • children: None
physical traits
  • eye colour:  Blue
  • height: 6’1”
  • body build: Developed
  • notable physical traits: Asymmetrical green hair, a certain aura of presence
phobias and diseases
  • phobias:  None.
  • mental diseases: None.
  • when was this diagnosed?: N/A
usual expression/mood

Just how is she going to deal with Seiga’s harassment of her bridge guard?

"Why is black bad and white good and not the other way around?"

"It’s a cultural thing. White, thanks to several different factors, has come to mean purity, and purity is generally seen as a good thing, so white has come to mean good. Black, on the other hand, is the color of the night, and shadowy things, and has come to mean evil because of it. The fact that they’re opposites only affirms the dichotomy."

But what about zebras? Are they black or white?


"That is a good question, I’ll be sure to tell you if I remember why. Unless the reason is at all interesting in which case you’re the last person I’d tell."

"You realize I can just look at you through the Cleansed Crystal Mirror and know exactly all you’ve done and thought, right? Nothing, not even the legendary nue’s inner thoughts, is unknown to the Yama."

"Question: Are dalmatians white or black? Figure you'd know."

"That doesn’t really have much to do with morality, but… since the base color is white, dalmatians are white. The better question is just why exactly you need to know."



So thanks to skype shenanigans, Eiki is rewarding Parsee’s hard work at the bridge with rebuilding Parsee’s home on it. This will qualify for Tumblr as well.

Eiki is fishing Parsee’s flooded shrine out of the river and putting it back where it belongs, a little god’s shrine on the bridge’s San-No-Ma. Though these shrines are meant to be living spaces for immaterial and formless gods, or branch shrines for grand shrines, Eiki is creating a physical living space to be accessed within it. A physical living space for a physical god.

It’s nothing special, a little one-story traditional house, containing two living spaces- one a bedroom, the other a living space containing Persian attire- a kitchen, and a bath.

Though the home is physically located in Higan, the residence is only accessible through a dimensional door attached to that little shrine.

Best of all, that dimensional door is only accessible by the god of the shrine, meaning pesky hermits or anons who try to intrude will only find themselves in an empty shrine.

"What? The girl’s more than deserved it at this point. Probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made, snagging her from China."



Tch, she can’t have any fun, can she?

"Shower it is, will make sure they don’t go near the river."

Parsee’s not here to have fun, after all. She’s here to be a faithful guard.

"I’m glad you understand… it makes things a lot easier, having someone like you around. Thank you, Parsee."



"Of course. May I incinerate them if need be? Or would perhaps an ice-cold shower be the kinder alternative?"

"The ice-cold shower would likely be the better choice… help cool them off, so to speak. Just make sure it’s a shower and not a bath in the river, understand?"



"Make sure these sexually charged fools stay out of Higan, Parsee."

"What the hell is going on in the world of the living this time…”